With the advancement in technology, the internet, and web-based applications, the number of smartphone users has increased manifold. This growing number of smartphone users worldwide is almost half of the world’s population now — 4 Billion.

Online Store Not Need A Native Mobile App — Reverence Global

According to data forecasts, it will grow several hundred million in coming years. Smartphone users like to carry technology on the go. Yes, smartphone users work 90% of their time with applications but most of them are related to games and utility. Statistics say that on average smartphone users have 40 apps on their mobile phones of which just 18 mobile apps are used…

A sad story about how a highly authoritative website with quality content became an orphan and continues to surf the internet alone.

A Genuine Wish to Revive Abandoned Website: My Passion Project

Website designs fascinate me. I cannot help appreciating the site designs and the designer’s efforts. I encounter a lot of wonderful web designs on a daily basis while working and researching my web development projects.

One day we received an unsolicited email from an overseas marketing company with a proposal to promote our company’s website. I was curious but skeptical, so I used one of our management platforms…

Or How to Lose $10M by “Doing Something Stupid”.

Enlightening story of Flow founder Andrew Wilkinson about how he wanted to beat the competition focusing on organic growth — but it turned out that he came with a knife to a gunfight.

Andrew Wilkinson, founder, and CEO of MetaLab, a Victoria-based software company. foto from martlet.ca

Grow with the Flow!

“When I started MetaLab in 2006, the idea of handing anything off seemed insane”. — said Andrew Wilkinson, the founder, and CEO of the Canada-based digital product agency on his Medium blog.

Now MetaLab’s clients include Uber, Slack, Amazon, Apple, Google, Mozilla, TripAdvisor, Tumblr, Walt Disney, and others.

In 2009, when it was still a small but profitable agency, Wilkinson recognized “My biggest problem at the time…

This example shows how to generate app credentials in Google account and settings for PHPMailer to use when sending via Google’s Gmail servers.

1. Creating credentials in your Gmail account

Login to your Google account which you are going to use for sending emails

Your account should have 2-Step Verification enabled. If it doesn’t click here to get it.

Create App passwords in Manage your Google Account > Security

Sign in, if required

  • Under “Select the app and device you want to generate the app password for.” click Select app > Mail
  • In Select device select Other (Custom name)
  • Type a name for the app
  • Click Generate

This guide shows you how to set up Apache and PHP on a Compute Engine virtual machine instance on GCP. The instructions are for Ubuntu 20.04 Linux distribution (goes with PHP 7.4 in its default repositories).

Creating a virtual machine instance

Go to your Google Cloud Console and click
Compute Engine > VM Instances > Create
Create a name for your instance
Region — us-central1(Iowa)
Zone — us-central1-c

This guide provides step by step instructions that will help you to install the auto-renewing Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate using automated client Certbot for your site hosted on GCP.

Make sure that you have:
∘ A running VM instance with the Apache server on Ubuntu 20.04 installed.
∘ Your domain name set up with your Google Cloud instance.
∘ A website that works over an HTTP connection. (URL of the website begins with “http://”. If you change it to “https://” it will not load the page).

Log into your Google Cloud Console and select
Compute Engine > VM Instances
On your VM…

There are several ways to transfer files to your VM instance, using WinSCP for Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) is one of them.

Create SSH keys to the instance using PuTTY.

Download putty.exe, if you don’t have it.
Open PuTTY Key Generator
Generate the keys
In Key comment field create a user name for your connection
Create Key passphrase (optional)
Save private key on your local machine
Copy your Public key from the field

WordPress Website Secure and Protected. Reverence Global Development Company.

Cyber attacks on WordPress websites have become more sophisticated than ever and many companies, no matter the size, are becoming susceptible to these attacks.

WordPress websites should not be left unmaintained

Once a WordPress website is built, many of us don’t fully realize that there are many critical steps that must be implemented to protect the website. Whether you have an informational website, an online store or a blog, this is related to you.

In spite of the fact that the WordPress security team comprises approximately 50 experts (which includes: lead developers, security researchers, and cybersecurity specialists that work day…

Max Shestov

Lead Developer at Reverence Global. Husband of a wonderful wife, Entrepreneur, Dad

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